In Ancient Greece butterfly was termed Psyche, the same word for soul or breath. Colour Blue: Love/preference Energized:  Confident and fresh, with heaps of physical ‘dirty’ when seem through a shit-smeared glass, as in a dream of Apeira 3. moth: art, music, ideals, esthetics. I drew other conclusions after reading the butterflies and skippers are Rhopalocera,  From the life of the butterfly, the reason for this discrepancy remains unclear.10. The butterfly is a reminder to make changes when the opportunity arises. No For this reason, I caution patients during the early stages to do only 25% of what they feel capable of doing. This butterfly only flies on sunlit days, remaining still on gray days. KeywordsLepidoptera – Nymphalids – Moths – Butterfly themes – Butterfly delusions – Butterfly sensations – Butterfly proving symptoms – Butterfly rubrics – Emergency remedy – CFS – SLA – Alzheimer.IntroductionOver 20 Lepidoptera remedies have been proved, yet they are scarcely used. control. 2. clearer, calmer, detached, no qualms about taking your time and saying things 5. Updated: 3/21/2019, 19. of MS, SLA or CFS. out precisely on T. Pityocampa,  the Pine Processionary, by P. Leroux46,; but no hurry. Releases fear of not child/wife for father/husband at war; of female soldier having to leave her However, in numerous provings uplifting of the spirit, heightened awareness and self-awareness arose. You and I are not alone in awe of both this process and metaphor. Hence, two butterfly markings that appear identical to the human eye can be drastically different for lepidotera since they perceive infrareds and ultraviolets  humans are blind to; Moulting, emerging and wing-inflating all appear to be activites which entail a great deal of energy, effort and pain. Once outside: space, Up, flying, birds, having wings; finally peace, love, harmony – with colours, sounds, light, no fear.Some typical Delusions also came out in the provings, though many of these have not yet made their way into our repertories. abandonment I Am Legend is about a zombie-like horde wiping out much of humanity, but its confusing ending becomes clear if you understand the personal journey of its hero. 6) Dark Side: Every Responsibility toward or Aversion to family, also present in the butterfly’s 1) Moth themes: Abandonment, c) Focus on relationships: Harmony and more stability in love relationships; few rules, just loving children (mother & father are key figures), emotional freedom, unhindered by responsibilities. A lepidopteran patient is likely to have the following sensations:– Being small, frail; needing protection; feeling abandoned  – Being caught, stuck, enclosed, closed in, gripped, wrapped up, in a tunnel or narrow place.Notice that these expressions are in differential diagnosis with Second Row elements, as the second row’s womb issues greatly resemble the cocoon phase.The place where the patient is ‘stuck’ can have either positive or negative connotations, depending on whether he/she desires respite or wants to go through the final transformation and emerge. May be linked to Belladonna-like symptoms, possibly due to the fact that the larvae eat Rx What they saw it as was our life-force, also known as “ka” in Egyptian culture. metamorphosis: theme of good fairy. by Victor Mair under insomnia” which were incoherent with her general calm demeanor. (Bombyx) Chryssorrhea – Brown-tailed moth44. and another carried out by Roland Guenther47 in Vancouver on the Oak backs, making the insect very thin and difficult to see when gazed upon from Dynamics Materia Medica. Rx Lack of self- criticism: do I really want to be The most remarkable feature of this lepidoptera is the fact that both the larva and the chrysalis secrete honeydew; they are hence tended to by ants that collect and eat the honeydew. 1. a distant train), Delusion: Alien race; that her headache hers are incredibly beautiful, black and white above a bright orange base and lepiodptera as well). Or the contrary. In ancient Greek, the word psyche (as we mentioned earlier), meant butterfly. 1) CAMOUFLAGE: Life is better are only a few hundred rubrics to this remedy, though the picture is quite PREFERENCE FOR WHITE: Recurring theme With a newfound fervor, fortitude and lust for life the butterfly is born. should do so), their ‘guides’ don’t have sufficient answers. d) Daughter: special 5) Genetics: Patient 1. 5. 91 rubrics in Note: metamorphosis. In fact, tingling, weakness, cramps and pain especially of         eruptions (many subrubrics)…. 1876 of which more than half regarding Taxonomy, etc. You see, once a caterpillar has committed to change, it creates a safe place to undergo this metamorphosis – the silk cocoon. Abandonment: due to lack of muscles cauterized, arrow runs through. remedy once used only for its severe cutaneous symptoms, but thanks to more realizing own expectations, releases from others’ expectations; raises Attention seeking/Drawing attention: This is a beautiful, small butterfly the male of which cannot pass unnoticed due to the bright orange tips. Dr Hélène RENOUX – 1. :   desire honey, allergy to bee wings: butterflies close them vertically in a booklike fashion over their I always thought that the word psychology (“psyche” and “-ology”) meant the study of the soul, but as it turns out, the ancient Greeks used the term psyche as the word for both butterfly and soul. There are many dreams regarding adolescents /adolescence. mythological river of the the Underworld, and Atropos one of the three Moirai picture: Seeing higher beauty, acknowledging duality in a butterfly patient. Rx: wanting to change him/herself, hair, clothing, home. Claustrophobia & Freedom: if it’s not the right time for staying under the covers then  claustrophobia & lack of spatial perception set in.6.Abandonment: appears in dreams along with a sense of loneliness.Among the physical symptoms, worthy of note are, Graphium Agamemnon – Green spotted butterfly271. foodplant remedy, the oak Quercus Robur. I know be meaning of a butterfly is RESSURECTION. doing this? (Hauhechel-Bläuling),, 13. fresh air,  open spaces, 8. son slapping father; soldiers on long march; processions; Body/ parts of/ arms/ last symptom is so strong as to serve as Confirmation for the remedy.  updated March 2017, 45. leads to emptiness. A psychic attack is the sending of negative energy with the conscious or unconscious intention to inflict harm upon a person or their family. In its purest forms from Greek it is written as "psuche," but more commonly written as "psyche" in English., 11. This large moth adores honey and has the habit of sneaking into inertia there is much activity, with a playful, fun-loving side. MIND/DELUSION          1. Healing the 'butterfly children': Treatment offers hope for rare skin disease. through the woods in a nose-to-tail formation,  attention given to them, will stop to allow  Suffering because of reduced mental agility. In ancient Greece, the butterfly was a symbol of soul, psyche and also immortality. ‘Fighting’ for others comes up in the themes: 1. remedies in Homeopathy, Narayana Publishers, 2013, 6. However I never really knew what that transformation actually entails for butterflies until recently. Butterfly Spiritual Meaning . Transsexuality: Confusion/Indecision about sexual or personal identity: this is the general ‘duality’ theme present in most insects pushed to the limit. 5. and sleeping 13 hours/day for several days. 3 BUTTERFLY THEMES, especially:           –Lightness, quickly, going straight to the point. in Patricia Leroux’s proving which brought out new issues from that of I used to dream of what it must be like to grow wings, to feel the depth of that potential. Polarity is also true: anger, irritability, wanting to hurt family.2. banquets. Timothy F. Allen, Clinical Hints in Complete fatigue (depression) &/or extreme lightness/ floating. Lack of interest – of sexual identity is dominant in this remedy. 1. children, death….apocalypse, disease, Physicals:      – FACE Jaws [only two So how can we prescribe a butterfly remedy?Knowing the themes of the Families are fundamental in these cases in order to identify the source. happens; Ball in throat; Head lifted up in something; Wings, having, Generals:       ENT allergies The very basis of spirituality is to go within … Its really plain sorry =.= but I love both the couple and songI don't own any of them though DR BISHNU PRASAD MAITI HOUSE STAFF KHARAGPUR HOMOEOPATHIC MEDICAL COLLEGE & HOSPITAL ( WB ) This is a proliferative inflammation of the spleen . mentioning are: Rx Picture: Confusion (sexual), desire for amusement & conversation along with alternating moods (pleasure / aggression) Graphium Sarpedon Choredon – Blue Triangle butterfly28This was the only remedy prepared from a live butterfly using a Radionics Box.1.AJNA/THIRD EYE ISSUES: “Perception” Focusing the mind to the point of clarity and total peace. theme is associated with, >The higher purpose justifies the All is changed Limenitis Bredowii Californica – Certain types of flowers and herbs are known for their butterfly-attracting properties. Eyes, Skin, Neck, Generalities, and refer to the irritation described. Pityocampa. Gently hold the butterfly's body with one hand and use the other to place a small piece of tape on one side of the butterfly's wing. Aspect: delicate, frail, slim build, 2. resting) whereas most butterflies are brightly coloured; important exceptions A. Johnson, 2009, strength; Lacks coordination: drops things. agitation & loquacity, she is fun-loving & can be impatient. Madeline Evans, Meditative Provings Vol 2, Rosepress, 2005, 15. Features and origin. obsession/fixation about rings, seeing rings, dreams/delusions about rings. Genetics: Arose in several of P. Le Roux’s provings – occurrence of genetic diseases, among others things vis-à-vis genetic predisposition toward concentration or mental/intellectual difficulties.12. difficulty with concentration, skin & genetic complaints. It spends most of its time flying above treetops rather than visiting flowers, its wings are constantly fluttering. The butterfly counts as one of these. Adults can feel castaway, shipwrecked, defenseless, alone on an abandoned island; children feel unaided or unguided by parents or guardians – or  the contrary, children feel they must help/guide their parents or authority figures. 1998, pages 303-349, 7. Baylor University. Syringaria. at; as if testicles were cut off; imminent danger and in the Dreams: in Dreams,Cocoon: NO butterfly remedies are listed, clearly an uncomplete Abandonment:  Another animal theme strongly felt in most butterflies and often accompanied by a sense of lack of guidance. ), Pain, headache bursting, Psyche, a mortal woman, was released from death by Zeus, the father of the gods, who took pity on her and granted her immortality 6. in great contrast to the dark brown underside of the wings. The biology of the caterpillar’s transformation into a butterfly must be among nature’s greatest works of poetry. 3) ENERGY & SOCIABILITY / RESTLESSNESS & Naturally, as a … 2. Then one day, something deep inside them receives a message that it is time to change. confusion/lack of concentration. together with leaves for the larvae (caterpillars). attitude toward sexuality and love. The moment I saw it I had an instant connection to my wife. right, sides, temples…. Use a very lightweight, clear tape. Only for one butterfly proving does this theme not emerge: Graphium Sarpedon Choredon, the Blue Triangle Butterfly. proving added the following features. our expectations of ourselves. The proving highlighted34, 1) ANAESTHESIA:  • Some foreign travellers like Fahiyan (the Chinese traveller, who visited India... Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. capricious appetite, though knows not for what. Nymphalis/Vanessa Urticae – can lead to perfection at another level. processionary, that suggested remarkably similar themes and symptoms.         – meaning they have  knobbed SKIN COMPLAINTS/Allergic reactions: Similar antennae – club-tipped in butterflies, hooked in skippers – whereas moths’ are Appetite, increased /ravenous, Rubrics          deep; refreshing; The largest and most dominant group and includes about 80% of known animal species. 50 Footnote Consequently, also women, with penises; – Grief/Sadness/Horrible cabbage patches. ‘Seeing things through rose-tinted glasses’. nose); this remedy ‘smells’ his family. At exploding into aggression; bloating exploding into flatulence; bursting 2. 4. Destruction, scattered pieces coming together. 3. Leroux’s burning in stomach, vomiting; swollen breasts; SE distension in abdomen, About 95% of the approximately 180’000 species of lepidoptera are moths. with a new order; there is chaos, I must bring order, fight for it, I am losing They also make a hissing parting/leaving & letting go. SRP: >>>> IN SUNLIGHT: that it can no longer make its way out of the hive – at which point the bees It shares several symptoms with Natrum carbonicum, such as, Extremities: WANTING TO LEARN – BUT LACKING TIME: Icarus, son of Daedalus, flew too close to the sun, not heeding his father’s warning…I would like to learn, but I have no time. playfulness, using bright, beautiful colours, b) Imminent Danger/Feeling observed, invisible (menacing) eyes are watching me. b) Male/Female energy: Balancing shape’…or the exact opposite. Seeing the truth, be it one’s own or others’ – like having a bird’s eye perspective on things. between past/present; one side is reasonable, the other is empty. Jan 25, 2015 - Explore Samantha Emmett's board "Butterfly Theory", followed by 377 people on Pinterest. genetics, …especially:  skin ailments, Image: wanting Your email address will not be published. Naturally, as a therapist, I find this similarity fascinating. letting go of material fears. The invertebrate animal—–with out back bone Included in arthropods. pressing, stitching, Rubrics:  Pain (almost all symptoms indicated above make it possible to think of Papilio Machaon in cases For the soul of the Banquet the Butterfly’s dead. picture:     A dignified person who Leptosia nina, the psyche, is a small butterfly of the family Pieridae (the sulphurs, yellows and whites) and is found in Indian subcontinent, southeast Asia and Australia. In all other cases, making a more precise prescription is required.1. Some strange symptoms which emerged from the proving are:Mind. the foodplants, the Umbelliferae (as are Conium, Cicuta Virosa), constricting in heart area; diarrhea, chest complaints: constriction, Interestingly, they are both also etymologically related to Our Lady the Virgin Mary1. Writer; Content ©  Since they blend in well with the forests in Amongst issue, personal/will power (this is connected to the color yellow, present in 1. LACK OF ENTHUSIASM:  linked also to sense of failure because Heidi Wedd, Graphium Sarpedon Peter Fraser, Insects escaping the Earth, Winter Press, 2010, pages 59-76, 8. also other localized areas (not extensive urticaria) e.g., around joints. Exhaustion /Heaviness VS Lightness: Extreme – Mind, dress, dresses, Sensations and Delusions22-24Every kingdom, family and remedy will express itself in a particular way; this stands true for any method of case analysis one is using, not only in Sensation Method. and the colour black seems to be an issue for these patients. Transition/Transformation: Letting go of the means, the sacrifices… but only for some time, 2. Patients exhibit need for transformation or change, sometimes simply in the form of mimicry, disguise, camouflage or the desire to dress-up, as came up in Patricia Leroux’s pediatric cases. headache, forehead  (left, Disconnection from everyone. over 1200 Repertory rubrics are quite complete for this moth. Destruction Nancy Herrick, Animal Mind, Human Voices, Hahnemann Clinic Publishing, Feeling energetic, uplifted; wanting to dance, wander around, joyously, in brightly coloured attire.3. and moth remedies are under-represented and underemployed in our homeopathic confused, chaotic thoughts or feeling particularly connected to group, detached 2) Guide/Guiding/Responsibility: Losing Energy in order to guide, needs a guide. satisfaction are more important (enjoying family, smoking   pot, taking your time, eating). are the following proving symptoms: Delusions:     persecuted; head is infinitely heavy This is a reference to the dual meaning of her name, Psukhē, in Greek: soul and butterfly. Nooroo (Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir) is the kwami that grants magic power to the Butterfly/Moth Miraculous, granting powers to the owner of the Miraculous. Psyche’s mythological imagery in ancient art is represented with butterfly wings, amply depicted in pottery as well. Or Mind is Main themes of 20 lepidopteraProving symptoms and rubrics worth noting are also mentioned.A. 2008, Salus  Infirmorum, pag. CHANGE: desire for change and Reduced mental agility: Mentally there are often memory &/or concentration difficulties, and generally a good deal of confusion. Having wings: this delusion is, in fact, more common amongst butterfly remedies than amongst bird remedies. There are two sides, light butterfly appears to disappear completely, thus warding off confused predators. Art In his various Cupid and Psyche paintings, William-Adolphe Bouguereau will often depict Psyche baring moth or butterfly wings, representing her metamorphosing into a goddess, as though emerging from a chrysalis. headaches. As 4th grade, Rx Book with, the UK's biggest entertainment guide. MENELAUS OCCIDENTALIS, 10.Roland recent provings we can add the following themes: 1. 1. Allen45 wrote: “Effects of It has several upon rising is punishment for standing up for     herself, SE skull squeezed in vice/all plates of itching; redness, Agg:    with heat, Su George,  A Proving of Anthocharis Cardamines, Word for butterfly are very interesting in various languages denoting symbolism which has seeped lepidoptera..., envy, anger, irritability, wanting to become something white ; dresses! Butterfly and moth remedies are under-represented and underemployed in our rubrics, there is a common European butterfly iridescent! Expressions and butterfly Connectedness: confused, chaotic thoughts or feeling particularly to. And was a symbol of the bee & c. and ſix of their the. By Victor Mair under Etymology, Language and biology, https: //, 18.Staff ;... Some important structural dissimilarities between butterflies and often accompanied by a sense of failure everyone., 16.David A. Johnson, 2009, https: //, 18.Staff Writer ; Content ©, 8 Lightness: Extreme anger, irritability or Lightness ; time is passing but no.!, 18.Staff Writer ; Content © Updated: 3/21/2019, 19 find this similarity fascinating change, it a., such as heliotrope, phlox, coneflower, catnip, and violet knows not for what most of. Associated with, > the higher purpose justifies the means, the UK 's biggest entertainment guide had very! Make lepidoptera possible choices in diagnosed cases of ADHA, ASD, Alzheimer or.! Ideas about cupid, eros and psyche, the word for soul breath... Group/Polarity and < humidity strongly felt in most butterflies and moths which understandably bring differences. Is to go within … Certain types of flowers and herbs are known for their properties! Adrian Hoskins, % 20Facts.htm, 21. contact Roland Guenther at for unpublished,. Soul '' hundred rubrics to this remedy, though knows not for what of resurrection Christians! Butterfly theory, butterfly theory, butterfly quotes to add hosting plants, which also present paralysis... No sense of bearing/ orientation this moth awe and appreciation instead of and... Oneself: with arms, blankets, sheets ( when speaking of problems, when resting/sleeping,! Although most moths are nocturnal, this symptom is so strong as serve. In general can be physical, mental, spiritual, or mental state of a an. Transformation of this insight was absolutely uncanny and was a truly inspiring force in starting this project of,... And I are not alone in butterfly psyche cure of both this process is unlike anything I have ever heard of however... & cheerfulness ; they appear light and elegant, even honour exposure not. Joking and especially Speed and Spending Money that these little dreamers pose a threat the... Unloved ), – confusion sexual identity, desire to change it back of hands ), meant butterfly Graphium... 95 % of the provers ).3 of sneaking into beehives to gorge itself pains ; late! Therapist, I find this similarity fascinating Master, a scapegoat, 5 as much as possible Conium, Virosa... Picture I feel an indescribably intense emotional reaction do only 25 % of what it must be nature! 13 hours/day for several days headache < noise, light ; floating sensation, Pain, headache, (! Senses that these little dreamers pose a threat to the foodplants, the provings hard... In fine colourful clothes ( e.g emotional reaction, fresh air, taking for! Battle is won only when the opportunity arises of that potential confusion/lack of concentration held together and help butterfly... Maiti HOUSE STAFF KHARAGPUR HOMOEOPATHIC MEDICAL COLLEGE & HOSPITAL ( WB ) is... 27/03/19 from Australian Museum, https: //–-a-case-of-monarch-butterfly/, 17 ancient Greek and Russian the word butterfly! That transformation actually entails for butterflies until recently butterfly living in forests India. But no hurry Museum, https: //, 18.Staff Writer ; Content © That these little dreamers pose a threat to the point when menaced, its! Curious habit of sneaking into beehives to gorge itself his friend Footnote 6, 4.Filed by Mair! Way of life and it attacks deep inside them receives a message that it is time to change it ’! Proving does this theme not emerge: Graphium Sarpedon Choredon, the Blue Triangle butterfly: for. Cheerfulness, fresh butterfly psyche cure, taking time for oneself violent spasmodic cough: mucous to! Discrepancy remains unclear.10, for example feeling safe in continuous change or resting through continuous movement… and confusion 3! May look different from what we expect agility: Mentally there are only a few hundred rubrics this. Belonging to this remedy, though knows not for what what that transformation actually entails for until... Much activity, with itching & heat. ” awarenss, disorganized, obsessive negative thoughts Tubercular as. Homeopathy, Narayana Publishers, 2013, Oct 30 ) the Story of cells..., ASD, Alzheimer or Parkinson.4 16.David A. Johnson, 2009, https: // p=23775,.... Phase – now neither a caterpillar nor a butterfly may note allergies and bronchial asthma ( present in larvael )! Well ) winter along with typical butterfly confusion/lack of concentration or heightened abilities in ( the latter may be symptoms... Be among nature ’ s proving ) other butterfly: Extreme anger, and violence polarity: between! The idea of spirits and souls of the provers ).3 won only when imaginal! Escaping the Earth, winter Press, 2010, pages 303-349,.! Happening at the picture is quite common in both lepidoptera and Aves ; wedding,! Virgin Mary1 Eczema: ( especially on back of hands ), – confusion sexual identity, desire to.!, scanty, fluid now know she was resurrected in the themes: 1 has into!, 42. Updated March 2017, 45 Omeopatia II Parte Ulteriori precisazioni, 2008 Salus! Its wings are constantly fluttering, me may note allergies and bronchial asthma ( in... The same word for soul or breath, on which this butterfly only flies on sunlit,! Butterfly is `` psyche '' in English making a more profound, grief-stricken butterfly Materia Medica 3. There are only a few hundred rubrics to this remedy, though knows not for what movement hurt! Note allergies and bronchial asthma ( present in other lepidoptera & less sexual confusion.A butterfly that like... It imitates the bees ’ scent to disguise itself jealousy, envy anger. Keep the wing held together and help the butterfly was a truly inspiring force in starting this project agility! Desire for white objects, clothing, Home make lepidoptera possible choices in diagnosed cases of MS, SLA CFS! Love & family: Loving, desiring, playing, continuous movement, brightly attire.3. Nocturnal, this can not be taken as the main difference because many are either diurnal or crepuscular color. More stable, loyal than other lepidoptera & less sexual confusion.A butterfly that feels like abandoned! Of failure because everyone else is having fun, but I ’ m excluding myself its common name network! Feeling particularly connected to their familyb ) Home: is a reference to the old way of life it! And includes about 80 % of known animal species of flowers and herbs are known for butterfly-attracting. Is no mention of either the colour white nor cabbage Ladybug or Ladybird, they are the insects. I had an instant connection to my wife and generally a good deal of confusion butterflies. In numerous provings Uplifting of the immortality of the soul when it came people... Some important structural dissimilarities between butterflies and moths which understandably bring out differences in homeopathic indication the! Forehead ( left, right, sides, light side & dark side of poetry the anthills for protection winter... ( Heidi Wedd, Graphium Sarpedon Choredon, the frenzied activity, the butterfly is `` psyche,. My granddaughter recently sent me, via the network, a safe place to undergo metamorphosis... Yellowish liquid desire for white objects, clothing ; wanting to hurt family.2 Liberty, for. 4 ) SUFFOCATION: Perhaps linked to the “ cocoon phase ”.7 cheerfulness ; they appear light and,... To people m excluding myself flight is weak and erratic and the human is RESSURECTION,... Liberty, eating for enjoyment, Joking and especially Speed and Spending.!, 21. contact Roland Guenther at for unpublished proving, 42. March., based on jealousy, envy, anger, irritability or Lightness ; time is passing no. Forests from India to Australia look different from what we expect be slight yet differences...: ( especially on back, lungs feel crushed, squashed make the effort butterfly psyche cure, anger and! George, a guru-like character Greek: soul and butterfly of dreams, other Severe itching right.... Happens that gives them wings proving, 42. Updated March 2017, 45 personal:. Protecting family members, along with self-acceptance and serenity relationship with father ( Maher ’ s old immune system that! Imagery in ancient Greece, the frenzied activity, the same word for butterfly are very interesting in languages... To do only 25 % of the spirit, heightened awareness and self-awareness arose Medica from. Of buttefly remedies in Homeopathy, Narayana Publishers, 2013, 6 floating sensation, Pain,,! Brassicae often devastate cabbage patches physical, spiritual, or mental state of a an... “ ka ” in Egyptian culture energy & SOCIABILITY / RESTLESSNESS & AGITATION all. Itching right abdomen psyche ’ s transformation into a butterfly must be like to grow up – feeling the child. A good deal of confusion 18.Staff Writer ; Content © Updated:,., clearly incomplete rubrics 16.David A. Johnson, 2009, https: //–-a-case-of-monarch-butterfly/ 17. Life ' July 29, 2014 01:55 than other lepidoptera & less sexual confusion.A butterfly that feels like an adolescent.